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My Profile [Aug. 3rd, 2004|03:19 pm]
Da Manga
[mood |creative]
[music |*~* My Place *~* By Nelly... THATS A GOOD SONG! ^.^]

Hi! Its just me, I tried to remember everything me and Jericka did with her Manga. I have to thank her AGAIN by just telling her thanks! With out her, this manga would not even be possible!!! ^.^


Name: Kazuo
Meaning: Holy Child ^.^
Real Name: Willie Nikitopoulos

Past: Was born and raised with single mother and younger sister. Were very poor growing up. When Kazuo was 13 his mother met a new man and they ran off together . ::Sigh::  So Kazuo and his little sister were left alone. But a year later they left to go live with their aunt.

Now Kazuo is 16 and his little sister is 11. Kazuo works for his uncle on his farm growing vegetables for the Village.  His aunt wanted Kazuo to be involved in a lot so she put him as a priest in training.

Likes: People, Flirting, Girls,

Dislikes: His Birthmark (A Big Dot on his Butt)

Is known for: Being sleazy and perverted  ^.~

Obsessed: With Girl, his hair, and his tan

Looks: Brown Hair, Tan, And Blue eyes